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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rainbow on Your Feet

I was randomly googling with 'Rainbow' as the keyword
and I found a simply cute sneakers:

Nike Cortez 'Rainbow'
it's not a new type though, I guess it was released on 2008
I think this shoes is kinda everlasting

this shoes came with three kind of 'tick symbol' color, which are:

nation's new black : PINK

the color of glory : GOLD

secondary glory color : SILVER

and I think it's easy to create our own version of this shoes
we just need a plain white shoes
and some multicolor laces
of course, we can't have that 'tick symbol' LOL

I think I'll create my version soon :)
I want the real Rainbow Cortez :)

borringly bussy? bussyly borring

got wat I mean at the tittle board?
actually, I don't get it either

I am kinda in a un comfy situation
I am busy
but also
I am boring

boring with my activity -_______-
I wish I can join in a NEW community
contain people with different activity,
from people with I usually live with
right now music and movie, doesn't really help
maybe it get different, if I discover new style of music or new kind of movie
probably someone suggest something?

actually it's been loong loong a time didn't post anything
but probably because I'm so OH boorrreed
I'll post something
you know I have so mucho thing to do
and unfortunately when I want post something my internet connection, turn into hell

give me some advice please?!? wat should I do?