still : related to the day when I want my Persian Prince

I just want to post my pics. related to yesterday :)
sorry for the absurd post :P

I was watching the movie with one of my friends Phi-Phi
but after the movie I was hanging out with more friends, Amsyong and Terry
but I just took my own pics :p and I was already at home.
I had this :

I know it's kinda unimportant, but the packaging is sooo cute... hhehhe

what I wore yesterday:

I call this : happy warm summer style. cause I don't like the hot one hhehhe :D

next I'm looking to watch this movie, I saw the poster yesterday:

since I got addicted by the game !!! yeah! Jin is gonna be the lead character. CAN'T WAIT >_<
I was dreaming of a sexy boy like him in my love story-less life hha :)

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