I want my Persian Prince!

first post on June,
due to my busy look alike activity, I didn't post any stuff...
but I actually I want to post many things.

so I don't Care about stuff I should do. cause what I did yesterday was so unforgetable
that I want to post this...

actually I just watched a movie tittled Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time
the movie had my favorite genre: an action with not-so romantic but so romantic story (how I say that, I hope you get what I mean) 

so that I want to find my true Prince. the smart one, the cool one, the kind one, the loyal one, and the most important the SMEXXY one ♥

Jake Gyllenhaal played as Prince Dastan of Persia, he was found by the current King in a market, though he doesn't had a royal blood he has a very very good personality, 
But soon after he grow up, he got slandered. He got accused by killing the current King. so the story goes as he tried to clean his name.
and his *ohhh my favorite LOVE Story* with Princess Tamina of Alamut (casted by Gemma Arterton)

Goooosh! I got captivated by, at least 2 hours...
so here is the trailer

People you MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! especially if you like the action-romantic genre like me... :)

  such a sweet couple

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  1. suukaaa jg banget ma Prince of Persia.... :D
    hee Ri.. lukisan-mu apik loh... ;)


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