Woman from U.N.C.L.E

so it was a random Saturday nite with my sister, 
apparently mom went to another city, so we're kinda free :v 
I decided to go to a cinema, since from 3months ago I really really really wanted to watch a movie 
any movie as long as watching it at cinema :3

Men from U.N.C.L.E was worth it
1. Hot Guy (with accent, with apron, with gun, with bike, etc)
2. it has 60's era as the time setting - SO VINTAGE
3. it was an action movie - which has been my favorite, since I don't know when
4. The story was a complete plot twist *or it was me who were to dumb to realize*
5. I found my new role model

well, you decide.


I decided
Victoria Vinciguerra as my new role model.
no no! it wasn't because she is a wife of rich man and live a super luxury life *with a price to pay*.

It was because she is a wife who is smart, graceful, ambitious, beautiful, stylist, and surprisingly a kind of wife who will hold her husband's dignity into the last drop of her blood. How inspiring~
how bad the husband is, it is his woman's duty to keep his dignity, it is his woman's duty to support him, it is his woman's duty to show him the right path *to be success*.
Reveal how bad he is means a woman is not any better - why decide to choose him anyway. 
hey I have a skeptical view toward marriage so...being wife is about those thing.

There is a great woman behind a great man, right?. 


and fyi that blonde guy is my current obsession *as seen on the movie*
*oh I don't know when will this starstruck syndrome will end*
a smart, stiff, cold, conventional, tall and possibly boring person (as a man) never fail to awe me
(plus he speaks a lot of language, and a effing good driver)
and ey~ I was enjoying their bromance;) 

this post is sponsored by my starstruck-ness and caffeine effect
Thanks dear Iced Moccacino you made my night


so darling~ let's dance under Rome's starry night ;)
and since alcohol is forbidden let's have a cup of sugar free black coffee instead. 

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