other person's story, could be a message for us (edited)

"Jadi ceritanya kemarin, saya dapat cerita
salah satu kawan lama saya 
akan segera menikah dalam waktu dekat
dan yang lebih mengejutkan, 
penampilannya berubah
jadi lebih, ehmmm religius.

Ternyata,  ceritanya
dia bertemu dengan calon suaminya di tanah suci
saling bertemu cuma dua kali

sebagai orang asing

masih sebagai orang asing
tapi kemudian saling kenalan
tidak lama
sang lelaki langsung melamar teman saya



is it because the tarawih prayer was so peaceful
or because it's the 17th day of Ramadhan, 
the moon is ultimately beautiful
round, shining bright
with a few thin cloud surrounding it
or is it because I am reading a fanfiction 
/which touches me/
or because I am listening to G.Soul's new single all over again:
and his voice just sweep me over

this night just feels different,

but my friend's story from the other day
make me believe that

Cinderella's Story does exist
fallin' for a stranger is possible

and know 
all I wanna do now is
take some career quiz
to find out
which career path suit me most

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