remember summer 2012 : midnight sun (edited)

it was a normal-confusing night, 
after finished translating my junior's thesis abstract
I watched some Bangtan Boy's video,
plus some rounds of Let's Get Rich

I got dragged by my summer 2012's memories,
Inha University campus, 
dorm - 4th floor
the room at the end of the aisle,
my bunk bed
where I used to listens to Beast - Midnight Sun


didn't live in Seoul tho, but I spent a lot of time at subway
I remember my ride with that subway
people inside starring at me
because I am 'weird'
then a strange garlic aroma passed by :)
*and why do I keep posting this subway song everywhere*

it was also Ramadhan, 
it was also Friday
it was also night


and 'what if thoughts' keeps bothering me
what if everything was okay
what if I didn't accepted as a GIP member
what if I started my thesis earlier
what if I... was just being normal
what if.....

mood : Beast 'Midnight Sun' + 지하철 노래

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