Cinderella - one of my unhealthy obsession -

okay first of all, I have to write this:
'Cinderella Story' is one of my unhealthy obsession beside cherry blossom (in term of experiencing it right on where is it),
so if you combine my Cinderella obsession and my cherry blossom obsession it's equal to how much Mojo Jojo (one of Power Puff Girl's enemy fyi) wants to rule the world.

and last year, probably around last quarter of 2014. I heard that Disney is going to remake their infamous cartoon; Cinderella, or they have actually at that time...and they will release it on March '15

I just need to wait patiently until the movie hit the local theater on my hometown.

~just realize now... is it weird for 23years old girl to hype over Cinderella *which she has been watching that cartoon all over again since she was 7* while girls at her age anticipating for something more mature like... 
50 Shades of Grey or Insurgent, ummm...

Cinderella has been part of my role model, I've been living for 23years *and counting, well.. hopefully* 
and she has became my inspirationzzz...

And I remember there was a day, I think it was 2-3years ago when I was in that 'phase' -- the emotional year, 'the golden year'.
if I'm trying to recall it... 2012-2014 was such a year full of things to learn, when I was there I thought:
"How could this happen to me" 
"I just wanna sleep and never awake anymore" etc.

I called 2013 and 2014 as an extremely bad year, rotten year. But then...I might never be here if I didn't survive my 2013 and 2014, right? And I learn a lot of things. tho... I am still a major procrastinator *blah*


back to Cinderella,... I re-watched it again at that day (?) and I realize that after all these time Cinderella is more than a sob story about an orphan whom got tortured by her step mom and step sis and live in the attic, when her father left her a lot of inheritance *I can tell since she had a good house and nice...horse cart (?)* 

If I compare that situation into a person's live, than yeaah everyone could be the Cinderella. I am not talking about randomly getting a hot prince as your dance partner on a party, and live happily ever after with him.
P.S : I don't think live happily ever after is legit - if we're talking about after-life then yes. it exist. 

but! hey let's see
I believe that there is no perfect live, everyone has his/her own perks of being them self, 
like there is someone whose family is unhappy - yeah you know what I mean - but they can be lucky at other thing, or maybe there is someone whose family is happy but they might be financially unstable... tho life is not about black and white but I guess it happens to everyone... 'no perfect life'. 

so based on Cinderella:
step mom/step sis = black part of our live 'the tragedy'
the mouses, the horses, the dogs (Cinderella's helper and energy) = white part of our live 'the lucky charm'
the make over before the party = what we do to achieve the goal -whether it is success or NOT-
Fairy God Mother = the black swan, the surprise
Hot Prince = our goal

there are always be a step mom on our life:
~like failing on applying for jobs, 

the helpers are the perks of being our self *it can be anything* 
~like having a rich father so no need to worry financially,

and... there is the fairy god mother > the black swan, the surprise:
~things that help you -surprisingly-, something that never in your calculation will going to happen,for example; you apply to some job, and surprisingly someone from your office *that you never knew him/her working there* knew you, your ability, your track record, your goodwill, anything, and recommend you to work there...

so in the end you meet the hot prince 
~your goal to work at that company.
and please note that Cinderella actually didn't know that, AT THAT NIGHT SHE WAS ACTUALLY DANCE WITH THE PRINCE (hell, I just realized at that day, that Cinderella actually thought that the prince was (yes) actually a random guy whom she is into love at the first sight thing ~ew)

so if I convert that moment to the irl (or in real life) 
YESSS -- you will attract what you actually want by working on it, that thing is known as 'Law of Attraction'. 
AND! When you actually got closer to what you want, then there will be a bigger test in order to reach what you want, if you survive than you win... if you don't ...umm so sad :( *not a waste to try, because when we have try then we actually have to learn something*

so now... you can think again about what is your step mother, what is your helpers, what is your fairy god mother that will lead your to your prince...
it's hard to be honest; as for me I change my 'preference' of 'ideal hot prince' a lot - not that I changed my goal - but I just constantly revising it lol


talking about Cinderella Movie which is going to come soon , --judged from it's teaser I think it will be completely same with the cartoon, but hopefully it will be more emotional and beautiful in terms of the colors Disney use (?).

I love her voice and how she sing -- the song emotionally fit the movie *umm I mean the teaser*:


and one thing I don't know whether I have to be upset or happy is... for the prince charming's cast *sorry Richard Madden* he is just not my style lol
but on the other side maybe I have to be happy, since if the prince is 'my style' - then I might ended got starstruck for the whole 2015.


that picture ↑ means a lot for me
you know my biggest motivation to graduate this year is...to taste sakura latte (umm no I was kidding)
but TT_TT...
I am still praying 'the black swan' will show up soon ><

"no matter how your heart is grieving 
if you keep on believing, 
the dreams that you wish will come trueee~"

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