my entry for @yellowpurple91 giveaway (on twitter and instagram)

part. 1:
~How I became an EXO fans~
*officially started by early 2013*

Sorry that some things might be inappropriate 
~giveaway purpose only fffuffu~

to be honest I don't wanna let everybody know... but since I love free stuffs
(especially the album or the hoodie ffuffu)

I will let you my dear @yellowpurple91 know ffffuffu

Well to be honest, I wasn't a supporter of exo at all when they were debuted, and...I tend to be on the other side, from become a fans...the reason? simple, I dislike their company, eungg for some reasons >_<

~But there were a lonely day, well, my heart is weak; a single, 21years old girl...
When I was younger, I like to read shoujo manga, but manga become expensive now and I don't really like read manga online 
I became official KPOP fans since 2007 buut; I became official fanfiction reader since 2012 *thanks to one of myfriend >_<*, 

sooo back to my story~
there were a one cold lonely, boring day, and I dragged my hand to type 'asianfanfic.com' on my browser... and look for some Beast's fanfiction...

... but it was the raising era of EXO; when fans were too thirsty for EXO's comeback *you know what happened back then after MAMA era, right?* ... and there were lots of EXO fanfictions on the top of the web, like~ "ffuffu~ 12 hot boys in a group, what would you do about that?",

~And since there were no interesting BEAST fanfiction at that time, I read a fanfiction about .. Kai .. I still remember the story, about a girl who changes him into a good person, ~well typical story, but aaaargh it was sooo lovely~ plus if you imagine Kim Jongin's good looking face (and add his smirk) mwahahaha *blushing noona >///<*


And then I stopped on that time, right after I finished that Kai's fanfiction, and I was confused and mixed up, because there were a lot of members; who obsessed with Gucci, who obsessed with baozi, old guy with cute face, etc.

Until on the end of 2012 (or probably on early 2013) >> my friend told me about another ff starring Luhan *a lovely story about Luhan become a ganster and marry a rich girl, kyyak!!!*, from that time on, I 'learned' about EXO members, and my friend also showed me the EXO's debut showcase, kyahaha *and to be honest Suho was the hardest one to be recognized, sorry Suho stan, but I don't get his charm, up until now, maybe someone want to influence meh mwahaha*

..a~nd on early 2013, I was on a trip to Jakarta with my friends well maybe you know, one of my friend is the girl behind @yaluhan~ 

AND.. she ! Indirectly shoved e~~~verything about EXO into my brain

And I naturally interested into Tao.. at first he looks scary *well he is*, but~ I like that kinda mafia look and those pair of killer eyes, aand the more I know him the more I like him.. well he is an AB liner and for your information .. either do I
.. and I kinda feel a similarity with him kyaaa~ 

end of part. 1


part. 2
~ my experience with EXO ~

*an extremely happy experience*

well, can you imagine how happy I was at that time
maybe you have no idea how panic + happy + confused I were when they announced the winners of the fansign

to be honest my feeling were a bit more extreme on the night, after the music store announced that I got selected to attend the fansign

after I saw the whole 12 members, my heart melts, and they were more like a 'long time no see' friends, 

but I was squealing to my friends, ahahak xD
especially toward Lay and Tao~
I am honest, I could feel that Lay is a warm and sincere person inside

and as for Tao, I could feel that he were naturally born as cute boy, at the same level of a kitten
aaaaaang~~~ you made me remember that time 

*I am sorry that I didn't re-write the whole story, the feeling might be difference, since ~ it happened 4months+++ ago, but I still cherish that moment, forever~ in my heart, hope I can meet them again next time, when I am able to speak Korean fluently >_<*
wish you @yellowpurple91 able to meet EXO on person in the future, and if you do, please share it with me xD

     wish I get a miracle in December   
Thanks for holding the giveaway,  
God Bless You 
twitter : @kecapasin91 // instagram : @senimanmeme
to be a fangirl is a simple thing, but~ you also requires patience and consideration *preeach*
seriously, when I won the fansign, it was not a pure luck, also need to pray and try hard for any possibilities and bring the best effort :p
ok, bye~

p.s : sorry for my bad English

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