still Sunday!
just wanted to say : HOW's the new look?
is it good?
or do I need to change something?
please give some feedback ^^
feedback 주세용~~~

it's been 4days I am working on this blog, not literally the whole 79hours and 27minutes (well it's 7.27 a.m now), but I constantly checking on it, what I need to change, like worrying about my English *ffuffu, I know my English is not good, but I keep writing in English, since it's my playground, my way to practices English*, especially worrying about the 2009-2011's posts, but then I realised, that's my documentations, that I am striving to be a better in English 

and I've revised some posts, *and now I am keeping it in draft, and I will release it soon, maybe gradually* ~ I hope those posts attracts more people huhuhu, I am thirsty for more readers! more visitors! and more comments ya know~!

don't worry tho I am 'playing' with this blog a lot I am still working on my thesis, and my GIP *hmm, will I get match soon? sobs*

so ~ FEEDBACK 주세용~ and Oh! HAPPY SUNDAY!!!


  1. waaaa i like the new look!
    it's more neat, especially the important links on the right :3
    happy sunday to you!!

    1. Sunnguh! kata adikku alay ;_;
      makasih makasih <3

      eh kalo skrng HAPPY MONDAY NANA! semangat terusss kkk


I love to share and hear feedbacks, please put some comment *even it's just one letter* ^^ // satu komentar sangat berarti, meskipun cuma satu huruf ^^