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to Nana: if you read this and find this post annoying and bothering your private life, tell me, I will delete it :D 


a week passed so fast~ ultra fast, or is it because I am too lazy, I did nothing particular for my future (?)
eh no! I went to an education fair - and I decided to pursue a master degree in Busan *with Nao and Pussel haha*, as a scholarship achiever, that was pretty random~ but I am serious about it, if my mom say yes *which I didn't get that word yet* than I will work for it >_<



this week I come up withhh, big thing *in my opinion* the most favorite thing to do to occupy times in my life (?)
" A PARTY " especially with ukhtideul
*gee! I just realized that we are a party animal lmao*
*party animal in our own way*

I don't know, I feel like to post this because, it could be a party *especially farewell party kind* inspiration to anyone :p

that day was kinda happy - and also sad~
happy because, we gathered, doing crazy things together, laugh like there were no tomorrow
sad because, our-lovely-precious NANA is going to JAPAN, which we can't see her for the next one year *BUT I PROMISE I WILL I WILL I WILL SEE YOU THERE*, but at the same time we are happy for her! YES! WE LOVE TO SEE PART OF US GROW INTO MORE GLOWING-SHINING-CHARMING PERSON *I am sobbing now, literally*

so I won't deliver many words but photos, and caps, and stories and... imagination (?)

kyyaaa~ it was the lovely part for me; NANA AND THE JONGDAEs, why Jongdae? he might be not her VERY-ULTIMATE *what's this haha* bias, but we assumed that he is a HOT ISSUE, is he Nana?

yeah we wore 'jongdae mask' !!! haha, if it were me, than I might be SO-over-joyed lol

serah terima from "yayasan we are sri" 
just a little souvenir, hope Nana like it ;)~ *not a fansite present quality lol*

model - stylist - photographer, the picture on top is so epic >v<

biased ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

conquered the ghost house, what? obake? haha I was cheating tho, I was turning a flashlight on, but seriously the ghost was more into funny than scary haha


YEAH! SOMEONE CAME UP WITH AN IDEA TO MAKE A TIME CAPSULE, and we will open it at the very first wedding party, one of us, WHOSE WEDDING PARTY ??? kyaaa >///< 
err maybe within 2-3years later ffuffu

dear Nana:

semangat ya disana! sudah kubilang kan kalo sedih dan tak bersemangat ingatlah aku *lalapo* yang ingin sekali disana, ntah untuk apa (?), jiwaku terpanggil layaknya, hatiku tergetar kalo liat orang haji ato umrah
I found myself crying , yes! crying into JKT48's River this morning

"Majulah ke depan! (Got it!) // Janganlah berhenti! (Got it!) // Tujuan tempat matahari terbit

Tepat di depan matamu // Ada sungai mengalir // Luas, sebuah sungai yang besar // Walaupun gelap dan dalam // Walaupun arusnya deras  // Tidak perlu ketakutan //  Walaupun kau terpisah // Ya, tepian pasti ada // Lebih percayalah pada dirimu!!!

*meskipun telat (terpisah) aku pasti lulus, tujuan ke tempat matahari terbit, aku masih berusaha (?)

apa jadi curhat gini (!)

pokoknya ini semua kan sudah di atur Allah, masa depan Indonesia ada tanganmu kamu anak pilihan untuk merubah negara ini jadi agak teratur gitu~ :* calon istri, calon ibu, akarnya bangsa YA KANNN~

aku belum pernah kuliah di luar negeri yang gimana sih, tapi lumayan sih, summer school kan, I can tell, bebannya lebih besar, aku sampe begadang, ngga tidur hampir 24 jam, *padahal pas disini masa bodoh, malah banyakan tidur kalo mao ujian* , apalagi kamu 26 sks Nana !!! kamu jenius kamu spesial kamu pasti bisa, GANBANANA!
kamu ngga sendiri kan, ukhtideul semua disini, kita sama-sama berjuang berusaha memenuhi cita-cita kita masing-masing
yang penting tujuannya sama, menegakan agama Allah, jadi wanita-wanita di balik layarnya pria-pria sholeh yang kece reputasi internasional *kalo bisa ditambah rupawan juga*, jadi ibunya anak-anak yang berguna bagi agama , keluarga nusa bangsa, oh ya! sama jadi anak yang shalihah bagi kedua orang tua ;;)

fighting NANA ! GANBA-NANA

sri jiejie
*lagi mood pake nama pena itu*

song for you :
*Imagine I sing this for you, dance by kakak Lu kakak Xiu and Jongdae, any member could join, as you please lah~*

summary : 

party location : TAMAN HIBURAN RAKYAT SURABAYA a.k.a THR a.k.a TAMAN REMAJA Surabaya . 
not a must visit place for tourist in Surabaya, but since we DON'T HAVE ANY THEME PARK in Surabaya *God listen to our prayer* it's pretty fun here~ just don't put a high expectation

things you can do : sight-seeing (?), play some games such as jet coaster, viking *big swinging ship*, giant swing *my personal favorite*, ghost house, etc, picnic *they provide some benchs*, confess to girl/boy you like *I recommend do it while you on a jet-coaster*, or anything, depends on your creativity - and your surprise factor (?)

ticket : vary from 10k rupiah - 65k rupiah or can be more, depends on what you do

location : everybody know

trivia : dangdut concert every Sunday night // I heard some creepy story about that place lol


I got a boobs *oops hahaha
please bear with those derp faces :p
*sorry Mr. Wu, it was a completely spontaneous act*


*I've been so lazy lately about what to wear, too kerontang probably :p*

how do I look? xD

oh yeah this thing popped up yesterday, I took this a my personal life - lesson :

"there might be someone who lives exactly like how we want to be, but then I remember, there are also someone who might be want to live like me..., so, be grateful for what you have... the best way to live is living our own dream, live is a path full of strugle and war"

*this one for general - like - I have - reader*


  1. bebskiiii~~ ILU /ignore/
    NANA WE ARE ONE!! selalu ada selalu membantu, percayalah!!

    aku sudah mulai sedikit terbiasa, mulai sedikit ada teman di beberapa kelas dan events, aku sudah pake editanmu yg diatas itu jadi pp line.
    aku harus kuat, demi negara, orang tua, agama, demi kalian.

    nangisssss nonono sama river ;;;;;;;;

    1. Alhamdulillah kalo udah biasa hehe
      kyaa~ dibaca juga ini postinganku ffuffu

      ayo nangis bersama deh,


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