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Friday, August 10, 2012


*as written on the early morning of August 4th, on Blackberry notepad*

I don't know what should I feel right now, happy? stress? or sumthin'...

err...All I feel right now is just...sleepy and EXCITED that's all...I mean it's 1.25 am in the morning, I was locked *I mean from outside*, I couldn't get into the dorm >_<

And I knew now, THAT EVERYTHING HAS IT'S PRICE TO PAY...!!! Really!!!

so here it is...

Earlier, I've planned to come to BEAST fanmeeting at the CUBE Cafe *again it's about BEAST oh My God! I must grow! I am 21 already!!!

The schedule said that BEAST would hold their fanmeeting at 8pm KST...And then I am lucky that someone agreed to come too, since she was like curious about JYP's Building, which is located like less than 1minute from CUBE Cafe...

the fact is Incheon - Gangnam (Cheongdam-dong) is like 1 hour with bus, plus...subway... so I guess it takes about almost 2hours...

And the dormitory is like closes every 00.00 am, but I don't know, I feel like I can make it on the time...and I won't be late

and the girl whom agreed to come with me said that... there is someone who also want to come to Gangnam, since she wanted to meet her Korean friend.

Later I am surprised that her Korean friend, is like from a B-Boy team, which is ULTRA COOL!!!

After we arrived at Gangnam, we took some subways and buses again. And there we were, some underground studio, and YOU KNOW WHAT!!! It's a practice studio for a B-Boy teams! You know, I've adored B-Boy dance, since I knew it from Park Jae-Beom the former leader of 2PM...

I was like.. watched their performance with a hanging mouth! Oh My God!!! They can dance, they're err cute #plak and they are Korean *so?!?*... and the mort important! They had a nice body!

Seriously, can I ask for more???

I was like oh My God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!! Can I take one of them to dorm? I need a friend to accompany me sleeps kkk #plak

Actually I kept my eyes on one guy kkk, he has skill and NICE BODY! :9

And their dance, for me was like AH-MAZING!!! It could melt me, like an ice cream in one hot summer~~~

After some talk session and mini photo session *lol did it for show off purposes only kkk, though they're not famous for some people, but their skill were 'uuurgh', unforgetable*
we went to CUBE Cafe!!!Y(^u^)Y

After like 15-20 minutes walking, we were there, argh! My first time getting there was useful lol, I was like, it's okay I don't meet them (BEAST), but it's like super okay if I meet them soon...

and it's true... I didn't meet them, and I was like, 'okay, let's go home *dormitory*...', but when we were going to get into the taxi... I saw a girl, with a long sleek hair and lime colored hotpants... for some people she muight be JUST ANOTHER KOREAN GIRL, but for me...

And I was sure
SHE WAS NAM JIHYUN! The leader of 4minutes, Kya!!! Though I am not really into them, but still! She was Nam Jihyun!!! And I followed her like crazy...

and she entered a mini mart near the CUBE Cafe... I was going to asked her to take some picture together, but I was failed, and found that there were a boy followed her...



it was Ilhoon of BtoB!!! jinjja

BtoB is like another boygroup that 'I keep my eyes for' lol...after Beast for sure... After that I was like, oh my God! Where are the other member? kkk

and my wish instantly granted,




PENIEL of BtoB!!! I was sure it was him, when he passed I was grinned and waved to him like a crazy obsessed pedo noona, and he was like nodded his head and he said 'annyeong haseyo' to me

I was EXTREMELY HAPPY! And he entered the same mini mart where Jihyun and Ilhoon entered before, I was like wondered will he agree to take some picture with me?

and without hesitation, we asked him, 'Can we take some pictures with you?' *hell!!! I knew he speaks English better than his Korean*, he answered, 'Sorry, I have to ask my manager first'
OH MY GOD! I was like less than 50cm beside him and talked to him, DAMN! HE WAS GORGEOUS! I FEEL LIKE GOING TO KISS HIM THERE!!! OMO! OMO! OMO!
his lazy eyes, was so cute!!! and I was like going to tell him, 'PLEASE say hi to Sungjae for me' *Sungjae is like MY NUMER ONE BIAS in BtoB* but I couldn't... since I was hurriedly go out from the mini mart hoping that he would tell his manager ._.v

but he was just passed

Okay! I have to wake up  *yes I've pinched my hand and my cheek a lot

after that* Oh my that was 10.30 p.m and I MUST GO BACK TO INCHEON!

DAMN!!! I feel like don't wanna go home! I wan't to stay outside CUBE

Cafe and wish I would meet any BEAST member or any BtoB member

*especially HYUK SUNGJAE ♥*

Then we hopped on the taxi, on the way, I was feel like going to turn
my head to the right,


Simon from Dalmatian!!! Oh My gosh!!! That sexy Ahjussi!!! I can tell
it was really him, I knew it from his silver colored hair! OH MY!!! HE
WAS DRIVING A WHITE CAR! So Sexy!!! Kyaaa!!!

I just wanna love you all night long!!!
But my friend couldn't take any single picture of him, even the car,
it was mixed up with any random white car -_-

GANGNAM is a place when you want to meet the celebrities...

After we arrived at the station, with some little lost moment, there
were a guy nicely took us to the bus stop! Seriously! After that we
hopped on the bus and after like an hour .. We arrived right in front
of the dorm gate , AND GREAT! They've locked the gate!
And we were like!!! Where we have to go!!!
I wished for some 24 hours place, and it's not game centre !!! So here
we are, some random chicken restaurant, and here I am now, writing my
story on my Blackberry, which I'll posted it soon on my blog :3,
surrounded by a loud music from the speaker *which sometimes plays my
favorite K-Pop song and sometimes plays random song which I don't
know*, and also loud voices of people speaking...in Korean... GOD! AM

I wish,
Wish that there are some cute guy asked me, why are you here, and we
become friend
*ARGH I'm like super boring now, waiting for 5 am, and all of my
friends is sleeping now*
OMO! I have to wait like 1 and 30minutes more
Gyaaa!!! If I knew I couldn't enter the dorm I would rather stay near
CUBE Cafe and wishing to meet any BEAST or BtoB member ._. *slap* *it
made me planned another crazy thing, that I will do that next week,
and stay at some sauna place (Jimjilbang)* ._. *slap, my mum could
kill me if she knew what I did in Korea*

Wait for another story to be posted *pictures may updated soon*

Oh GOD!!!
I knew now that there's always a price to pay! FOR EVERY LITTLE THING
*even talk a little to a boy you adore (in this case it would be
Peniel of BtoB)* aaah.. I remembered all effort I did for BEAST, will
there something happen to me? ㅋㅋㅋ I don't know, but God know's better
right, He will always gives me the best story line ! ♪

ARGH! It is still 3.30 am KST now, I miss my 'hard as rock bed' in the
dorm! And I need some water!!!

And I wondered, what Peniel do right now, will he remember me? A
weird-crazy-obsessed noona, with a unique look *I mean I wore veil,
which Korean people always find it weird* kyaaa! I want to read his
tweet, but no internet connection here (っ╥ ﹏╥)っ

Now I am afraid that the restaurant owner will kick me out from this
restaurant, since there's no more customer left ._.
*and my feeling mixed with the song, it plays APink's BUBIBU, which I
feel like going to be in love every time I listen to this song (though
I don't know with who ._.)*

Ottokhae Щ(̾˘̶̀̾Д˘̶́̾ ̾щ'̾)̾ !!!

photos credits goes to : Sindy @Arisa_Yunokawa

Thursday, August 2, 2012

so I am upset...

it's about my D-3 (Sunday, July 29th, 2012)

so at Saturday I knew from my friend that Beast is going to hold a mini fanmeeting after the inkigayo recording at 3p.m

so.. I've arranged some plan, that I will come to the fanmeet...
I've set my phone alarm, so it will wake me at 5 a.m KST so I can do a well preparation.
actually my friend told me to wake early and we can came to the fanmeet after move to university dorm

but, I heard that the fanmeet would be attended by 30 people only.
so that pretty much, makes me worry ._.

so I've planned to came there right at 8a.m and took the early train...
as I've reached the place *without any difficulties, since there was so MANY BEAUTYS there*
I'll stay in a line... for like 3hours (almost 3hours)
and you know what, it seems like the Boys *BEAST MEMBER* where passed in front of us, but since I was in the backside, so yeah I just ._.

after that, there was a girl greeted me, she was like an Indonesian student who live in Korea...
then I follow her like a chick to it's mum kkk...
she said that we couldn't watch the pre-recording , but able to watch the live show at 11a.m
* I was like WHAT! at 11! I should go back to hostel to move to the university dorm *

then half-heartedly I go back to the hostel... 
and went to airport by the airport bus...

and it felt so terible CAUSE I COULDN'T GET OUT AFTER I GOT IN THE DORM!!!
since I was going to attend the mini fan meeting TT^TT *another event at 3p.m!!! and you know we didn't have to take any number or anything just come*
so sad
I WAS SUPER FRUSTATED, moreover, there's no wifi connection here ~

tsk, that was like a my FIRST no no second determination to saw BEAST in person
and still more story about that kkk