so I am upset...

it's about my D-3 (Sunday, July 29th, 2012)

so at Saturday I knew from my friend that Beast is going to hold a mini fanmeeting after the inkigayo recording at 3p.m

so.. I've arranged some plan, that I will come to the fanmeet...
I've set my phone alarm, so it will wake me at 5 a.m KST so I can do a well preparation.
actually my friend told me to wake early and we can came to the fanmeet after move to university dorm

but, I heard that the fanmeet would be attended by 30 people only.
so that pretty much, makes me worry ._.

so I've planned to came there right at 8a.m and took the early train...
as I've reached the place *without any difficulties, since there was so MANY BEAUTYS there*
I'll stay in a line... for like 3hours (almost 3hours)
and you know what, it seems like the Boys *BEAST MEMBER* where passed in front of us, but since I was in the backside, so yeah I just ._.

after that, there was a girl greeted me, she was like an Indonesian student who live in Korea...
then I follow her like a chick to it's mum kkk...
she said that we couldn't watch the pre-recording , but able to watch the live show at 11a.m
* I was like WHAT! at 11! I should go back to hostel to move to the university dorm *

then half-heartedly I go back to the hostel... 
and went to airport by the airport bus...

and it felt so terible CAUSE I COULDN'T GET OUT AFTER I GOT IN THE DORM!!!
since I was going to attend the mini fan meeting TT^TT *another event at 3p.m!!! and you know we didn't have to take any number or anything just come*
so sad
I WAS SUPER FRUSTATED, moreover, there's no wifi connection here ~

tsk, that was like a my FIRST no no second determination to saw BEAST in person
and still more story about that kkk


  1. 화이팅 담!!! i'm sure there will be a lot of chances meet them.. :D

    1. eonnie!!! Bogoshippo!!! :*
      kamu ngga tahu sakit hatinya aku, mentolo mandek dadi B2UTY wes a lek kamu tau perjuanganku!!!


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