Lately I've been observing Kpop music videos and here are 5 music videos I like the most:

1. Gangkiz - MAMA (drama ver.)

credits: gm contentsmedia @youtube

2. T-ara - Ya Ya Ya

credits: CJENMMUSIC @youtube

3. T-ara - Lovey Dovey in Tokyo

credits : LOENENT @youtube

4. B2ST - I Knew It

credits: beastofficial @youtube

5. B.A.P - Power

credits: TSENT2008 @youtube

Overall, I like Korean music videos because of the settings. For example, in MAMA MV, we can see how beautiful the scenery of Europe is. Ya Ya Ya MV has a concept of Indian girls while in Power MV, we are being hypnotized by the great concept of airspace plane.
Things I notice whenever I watch KPop music videos are that they always have awesome concepts and settings, and the outfits the models wear for those music videos are always amazing! :D

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