my own term of 'galau'

setiap orang punya penyebab galaunya sendiri-sendiri
hari ini atau mungkin ketika postingan ini terbit 'sudah jadi' kemarin...
saya menyadari itu

disaat yang sama, 3 orang gadis sekaligus, lewat media mulut, bbm dan whatssapp galau 
gara-gara that heart shapped thing 

but as for me, after I read one of my friend facebooks status, which he said he miss his dad
who already passed away like 7years ago probably

suddenly I feel like 'DDANG!' I remember someone, 
which I don't know:
Does he ever miss me like how I miss him
Does he know how many tears I've wasted to pray for his safety, his health, and every good things for him?
Does he know how many pain he left in my young heart
Does he know that how many bad things he do to me, I will still had him in my prayer, in my mind, and will always thankful to God, cause he is one of the reason I live like today?
I'll never blame him for anything he did, so that my life isn't really smooth
in contrary, I'll say thank you so much, THAT I CAN STAND TOUGHLY AS MYSELF .
fyi, sometimes I wish you had your own twitter acc, and you follow my timeline, so that I can 'mention' to you about how I feel


please keep healthy and watch me grow, I promise I won't disappoint you, just please stop leaving some pain in my heart


  1. Kayaknya Galau lagi trend ya sist :p

    1. haha bukan trend sis, bagian dari hidup xD


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