brighter than the sun

kyaaa!!! ♥♥♥ I JUST LOVE THIS LOOK~ yesterday I had no spirit to go to campus, and I think dressed in different style may help. AND IT WORKS! I just love how I mix polkadot colar shirt with a floral dress~
I guess I'll made the 2.0 ver of this looks :D

p.s: it is super random, a hidden message, I don't know if probably someone understand this.

hey honestly YOU'RE JUST TOO BRIGHT FOR ME! honestly I always think I am a sunshine =3

but you come and DANG! you're way brighter than me, I like your quality so~o much, but somehow I think I would get bored and I feel so unqualified and can't shine on you

and well I think it's not challenging that's why I keep walk slow, instead of run~
well I told you it's random.

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