bring me a plate of cake this morning

well I wanna live in freedom like how I break through into GWK in early morning last year and slept in it's grass field 

well it's been a while I didn't post anything
due to lack of spare time I mean I may look like I am just playing all month but I do get so many projects to be worked

may I just mention it one by one?
well there are three main things that I am currently working on and some side projects which I hope it will be succeed soon *amin*

currently I am working on a second round of PKM-K (some kinda business competition), which I sell 'Kebab Gembos' *kebab with tofu waste filling it may sounds scary but I SWEAR it's delicious and also healthy*
you may contact me via twitter, facebook, e-mail or anything if you're interested 

second I've officialy started my own business which it is to be managed neatly, different from what I've done before. me and my friends become a re-seller of KAIA brand, yeah some kinda clothing brand
if you interest come on take a look and place your order! go follow @KAIA717 or KAIA717 on facebook

and the last of course a soon to be revealed MESTAKUNG PROJECT!!!

the side projects are still some scholarship and student exchange opportunities hunting

but the worst situation is altough I am always attending a class, I forgot how to be a student ._.
actually I've been so bored with university, classes, tasks
Daddy!!! Mommy!!! I am sorry~
I'll make it up soon~ 
and the other is less hang out time my girls T^T

HEY! Let' s make this 2012 MORE PRODUCTIVE~ yeaaay!!!
I see some lights that my goal and my target are there. I'll reach it soon!!!
although sometimes *like this morning, sometimes I just wanna roll on my bed all day, but I guess that would be boring and unproductive ._.*

CHERISH your days and your activites readers! and always DO THE BEST!!!

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