from sushi to headband to transformer

it's been a week
the final test :  DONE!, and insya Allah, I can pass it :D
and my exchange enrollment~

I was rejected with a painful fact *sorry for being a drama queen xD*
they say I can postpone my TOEFL certificate!
when TOEFL certificate is something that made my submission late

I guess as Mr. Iman said : 
"Consider this as an investment not a cost, if I consider it as cost, then it made me more tortured"
When I know I was rejected, it feels like an ULTRA giant hammer, smacked my head *dies*
ok move~

but then I had a good time at Tunjungan Plaza with my friends, actually just an ordinary solace, yeah but it was kinda help~

I was trying so many dishes from sushi to fried rice :9
then I was singing like crazy in a karaoke booth, hha~ singing is the best medicine for me :D

really crazy hha

lol! cutey flat expression #plak, have I introduce my new look with a bigger glasses, it's been a while, since middle of April :D

opposite clockwise:
Cute err~ music box?!? *how we call that stuff?*,
cool floral patterned luggage, I wish I have one, and go abroad with it :D,
whoaaa cool giant ring! I wish someone propose me with that ring, with a diamond on top lol

ahhh~ I was hyper excited, first time saw this ULTRA CUTE TENT :D
remind me T-Ara's tent in Ya Ya Ya MV, I wish I have this in my room, SO CUTE!!!

me and my friends ended up making a headband from shoelaces :D
I know it is so laaast year, but yeah~ 

is our headband looks nice, isn't it?

lol, we were taking a part in transformer movie :D
as a Ustadzah? #random #plak

and we were chose this as our soundtrack for that day:


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