inspired by beautiful picture

I believe what we see, I mean our environment, affect how we dress.
Even thought I wasn't inspired by my environment, but I was so much inspired by what I saw.
I was checking my little sister's image collections, she loves to browse about what I call with a 'beautiful picture'...
she had about 5000files! Can you imagine how many are they.

And her 'beautiful picture' collections born this style for me :D
I called it somekinda romantic parissian, it's a mix of a monochromatic and girly sense, my mom's blazzer (see the shoulder, so sharp, so 90's), grey stripped tee versus pink floral pant and a nekclace with a rose pendant.

I LOVE this, and I wish someday I will fly to Paris with this looks :DD
and introduce my little sister ~ ;) have I tell you all about her, she is so tall~~~

arrrgh~ this semester's final test is getting closer *stressful*, pray for ME!
and yeah, I've watched some good movies, that I really want to share it with you reader, WAIT WAIT WAIT ! ok ;)

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