2011's first post

well I'm here, preparing for my post from about 10 hours a go but the connection are as usual -_-, yeah 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

every year change is like a right moment to put a brand new start line in our lives, and I do the same thing, moreover I'll greet my adult ages soon '20' , in just 4months :')
well, I guess everyone made their new year resolution, as well as I am:

1. the most important for me, I wish I'll be able to be more religious
after I was graduated from my Islamic junior high school, I felt like a degradation, and it was 4years ago, and I've tried to build it again, and yeah still working on it.

2. be a more dutiful daughter to my parents :')

3. self attitude improvement
I have so many things that I need to change, like, be less slow person, yeah, mostly I always late, because I like to delay anything that I could do at that time, cause I always think I can do it next time again and again it continues, and I know it wasn't good, and make my plans messy, but zzz ya, jinja hard to change.
then I have a very berry itty bitty confidence, and it mess me too, many good chance happened, but it was gone because of my lack of confidence -_-
also be more good person to everyone doesn't mean I always grant what they want, but I do the best on God's view, and the most comfortable for myself
etc, still many things to fix LOL

4. improvement in my education
ain't admit I want my GPA get higher every semester, but, yeah I guess stable GPA at point 3 is enough, the most important is my knowledge is useful and they said barokah, and I can use it as my preparation to do more for my country and people in this crazy world :')

5. make my way to go abroad and travel around my Indonesia
hopefully I can travel around the world, with my own money it's so~~~o okay (so I want more wealth LOL), but I wish like a help from 3rd person, like err~ scholarship?!? amieen :')
any country are okay, but I wish it's more into South Korea, Japan and France hhe

6. I'll able to learn more language, beside my mother language
I know very little very very little of Arabic, Japanese and Korean, and I wish I'll get better and better, and get a chance to formally study at those languages, also at my bad English

I have a really hard times dealing with this thing

8. my mondayinsahara.blogspot.com be more well-known
yeah not just it, also I can full-fill my lovely blog with a useful information,  more of my style (never consider myself as stylist or something, really, I just think, I know how to mix and match stuffs LOL and uh~ I love fashion) more posts, more visitors, more readers, more followers, at the end my blog become myself label

9. I have a chance in some fashion career, beside the economic stuffs
both are my passion! how about mix both with making my own second hand store :D

10. living a peaceful live
but it doesn't mean I'll always stay on my comfort zone, I guess taking risks is more important on self improvement, and be more mature minded right?

11. the last but it doesn't mean it is less important, NEVER EVER WANNA BE ANOTHER PERSON, JUST BE MYSELF


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