Happy 3rd Anniversary Yaluhan Shop!!!

hope the 'tour plan' will do someday 

New year never been special to me, I mean I don't really count anything. Things get 'special' when March started because my birthday is on April :p.
but what so special about birthday tho.

But ever since January 2014 passed...I always looking forward for another January, cause it's my kid's birthday. Definitely not a human kid, cause you know I am still looking for an eligible partner...you know to yeah.

Anyway...this is about my kid 'yaluhan shop' yeah that kid I used to be proooooud of. Not that I am not anymore.

AND...this kid turned 3years today TT_TT I am so proud.
Have to admit there were ups and downsss...and there were a time when I almost made my kid hiatus...well, I don't really update nowadays tho...but at least I still put some effort on raising it :( there are other shops which produces more and had more customer, but my kid is still the best.

I am thanking Allah SWT, my on and off partner Pussel and all customers whom still trust yaluhan shop until today. Some things might be dissapointing on 2016, but I'll work hard to eliminate those thing to be happened again this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENDLESS SUPPORTS AND TRUST.

I want to do a lot of promotion this year, I hope I can set aside my tiredness of work to do both yaluhan shop and work life. I want yaluhan shop have it's 4th anniversary next year, and produce moreeeee happiness this year!

Thank you all.

Giveaway soon :p

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  1. Kak boleh minta id line atau email atau ig ga? Aku mau nanya nanya soal inha summer school sama korea gituu. Makasih;)


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