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yes s s
ye sssssssssssssssssssssss

Just for fun =))

for motivation purposes only
let's make a wonderful 2016!

P.S: I am not ready yet for November 2016 lmao



'Let's move, good bye to this place we grew attached to
Let's move, now to a higher place' 
BTS - Move

Myself 3years ago...
so far January 2013 was the toughest year in my whole life
battle of self confidence

then BAM!
something happened
my confidence has finally landed to a new place
I, finally accepted myself
believe in my choice for life
I know when I have to work on my choice
and I know when I have to stop 
(not to quit the game, but to take different path to reach what I want)

2016? Hopefully become more productive
not (just) by how much Rupiah I gain on my account
but by how many life lessons I gain
how much I am one two three - hundreds step ahead 
toward my future aspiration.

2015 was awesome
Let's make a wonderful 2016!

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