22 - epilogue -

nice word, lalala, but I am so not gonna wear that tee

engg just wanted to say 'hi', since I've wasted my precious February by didn't give a d*mn to post something here, cliche, my life been revolved slowly nothing was interesting enough to be shared.

All I did last month were just 'busy buzz' took care of my 'baby', ~ yeah my online shop, come take a look @yaluhan_shop (on instagram only) ...

Well, not really a newborn tho, buut... I am glad that I've used my money 'in a right way', I mean no unnecessary cloth shopping, make up shopping (did I ever spend my money on make up? NO I guess, don't worry it wasn't an attempt to be sarcastic). In fact I wasn't really spend my money on fancy food, I guess the fanciest meal I had was on the very last day of Feb. I had some fried Dory (which it wasn't really good actually and somehow I regret it, really), it was more like an appreciation to myself that I've been a good girl, to be extremely thrifty last month.

The business still there not going anywhere, but I've seen a light actually, I believe it might get bigger!,
but I know God loves me in His own way, maybe He is tryin' to tell me now, to FOCUS ON THAT s****y 'STEP' called thesis! Well, I don't hate it, it's just TIRING! hahaha
because I've dreamed several times, that I might go to Japan at least after I passed my first session - -
and ya know it has written on my that so called - life plan - that Japan is waiting on 2013 / 2014 (and 2013 had passed in a pathetic way) so maybe some magic will happen and I'll be in Japan soon, and I'll be crying on the airport as soon as I arrived (well I assume it will be happen if my arrival is on my period days, when I'll be extremely sensitive, like.. now ...)

so okay, I am trying to remain myself (from now on) to be ... fo(asdfghjkl)cus on (asdfghjkl) the (asdfghjkl) sis

so what am I gonna bring up today is..., STILL the same old story -- some so called motivational words that no one understand, no one give a damn, but at least, I LIKE TODAY'S DATE 3/3/2104 so many '3', so I have to post something...

plus it will be my prologue edition before I turn 23 next month, OH NO! *I AM GOING TO CRY ON MY -GETTING- OLD_NESS*

-- motivational word --

(number 1)

ginza 70's


~ I know this moment, this feeling might come when you see someone is more successful than you (or prettier than you in certain way), hey ! hey ! ! ! come on what you see might be... 'fake', mortal, transitory .. like, can you guarantee that they're actually happy with it, they're actually gained it by them self and it will make them proud and 'cool' in the future?

SO ONE THING YOU MUST BELIEVE is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ... ya know what I am saying? believe in yourself that 1) you have a 'dreams' and 'hopes', 2) you have something that you can achieve which not only will affect you in a good way but also will affect others around you in a good way, 3) then believe THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT in your own way (as I wrote on my other post, everyone have their own story, it's never be the same) so don't worry if you don't feel okay now, you will shine in your own way, if not now, than it will be someday, as long as.. you hold into your 'dreams' and hopes tightly...  ~

- jangan percaya sama apa yang kamu lihat dan kamu dengar tentang orang lain, PERCAYALAH SAMA DIRIMU SENDIRI -

~ saat-saat itu akan datang saat kamu melihat seseorang yang lebih dari kamu, lebih sukses, lebih cantik (dalam hal-hal tertentu), tapi HOI! apa yang kamu lihat bisa aja palsu dan fana, bisakah kamu menjamin bahwa mereka juga senang dengan itu, mereka mendapatkan itu dengan cara 'yang benar', dan bisa membuat mereka bangga di masa depan

satu-satunya hal yang HARUS KAMU PERCAYA adalah, PERCAYALAH PADA DIRIMU, percayalah bahwa 1) kamu punya itu 'impian' dan 'harapan' 2) kamu punya sesuatu yang akan kamu peroleh, yang selain mempengaruhi hidupmu juga mempengaruhi orang lain ... (pastinya dalam hal kebaikan), 3) yang terakhir, percayalah semua yang kamu inginkan akan tercapai, DENGAN CARAMU SENDIRI, ngga papa meskipun kamu merasa 'ngga oke' sekarang, mungkin bukan saat ini tapi kelak kamu akan bersinar dengan caramu sendiri... selama, impian dan harapanmu masih ada ~

 so far I like Surabaya and Seoul more, since I've never been to Tokyo :')

(number 2)


Think about it for example there is a boy group debuted in 2011 and there is one which debuted in 2012, than can you guarantee that the one which debuted on 2011 will be more successful? Will have more achievement? no? right

SO IT'S THE SAME WITH YOUR LIFE... what's more important is, THE PROCESS, have you heard about this quote "the flower that blossoms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all"-- Taken from Disney's Mulan -- (yes I grow with that quote since 1998; does it explain why I don't rush things? lol) at least you know what you do, you enjoy the process and... LEARN AS MANY THINGS AS YOU CAN, that's life, learning from where you born until you ended up on the land of your graveyard.

-- Semuanya tak selalu tentang, 'kapan kamu memulai sesuatu,tapi bagaimana prosesnya, dan kemudian bagaimana akhirnya (hasilnya) -- 

~ yang lebih penting dari segala sesuatu adalah prosesnya, nikmatilah, dan belajarlah banyak hal darinya, inti dari hidup itu belajar, dari lahir hingga akhirnya 'kembali' ke tanah ~

(number 3)

(only for those who have a tight financial, lol)
use your money wisely, -- don't be too 'hard' to yourself --, if you want to eat something then eat it, you only live once, know your portion in this live, there is a part for other person on our wealth, and you better rotate your money (by invest it, or spend it on whatever you like, rather than pile it up...) the key is fulfill what it should be, save how much it should be, BALANCED LIFE, don't starve yourself when you have something left on your wallet, but also don't be too clumsy.

ma-fia nuna/jiejie fansite's master-nim
I guess I have to make a farewell party to '22'

present and future


  1. sri jieeee

    i'm creyssss ;; i have to be able to be like you i have to start taking my life here seriously so that in the meantime i won't realize that it's the time for me to go home.

    i hope we can both be here at the moment and i can see you crying at the airport. i can witness you live your dream.

    your blog is inspiring as always.

    1. inspiring prettt

      YALAH! HARUS SERIUS! KAMUUU betapa aku pengen ke sana sekarag, kamu jangan pengen pulang aja nyahaha,

      amiin, *agak pesimis tapi, aku ngga ada usaha yang berarti buat kesana, dalam waktu dekat ;'(*


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