it's almost one month since my last post, well no reason beside my life seems lack of adventure side lately ._., well I am sooo supa-dupa-ultra bored lately...

well I was SUPPOSED TO watch and get in touch with U-KISS since they were supposed to hold a fanmeeting and concert, but SADLY *so saaad, I've imagined to met AJ for a lot of times* the event was postponed, well fyi I saved a lot and decided to say no to same plans.
but yeah yeah look at the bright side I was visiting Jakarta, since I've paid for flight and train tickets already... yeah that was pretty fun trip >-<

well it is another fyi:

I guess this is an issue, big issue lol lol, my blog displaced by myaiesec web as a frequent used web, well this is for no-reason since yeah... I am working on it, STILL working on it, to get some exchange opportunity ;_; it do cost a lot of time *SEE !!! SEE !!! if I keep insist on posting something for these past month, my blog would tells about how frustated I am or something lalalala* 

okay that was a short update of my life... btw since I HAVE NO TRIP *errr you went to Jakarta whoy, okaay* 
I decided to do this, look back at my past hiking experience, 

Mt. Ijen

 I am looking forward to wear that coat moreee, in Japan maybe, for next autumn *ameeeen ;_;*, can you guess the coats price... it was... Rp20.000 or roughly $2 seriously!

and the amazing part, after Ijen we hit Baliii!!! *it was amazing experience I even slept on a Sanur beach's gazebo*