today I am glad I knew it, I knew something
which irritates me recently
so THANK YOU GOD! Thank YOU Allah SWT !!!  الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
so I don't have any reason to angry --> hey it's like a reason to be angry actually
but yeah! once again you saved me
ain't trapped in those yaaa ... YOU!

if you knew how my life is full of disappointment because of one person
which I think you could be one of them
since I think you're no different
I was like counting the days back
and...I GOT IT! I understand
mwahahahaha kinda releived!

but it makes me wonder
ARE YOU DIFFERENT *refer to other person*?!?
hmmmhhh I just give it to Allah
I know he always gives me the best

I just I wanna sing After School Red's 하늘에 (in the night sky) for you
I guess those 'Oh!' days are really really gone
may your life blessed

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  1. alhamdouli allah , I just give it to Allah...this is what is all about ^^


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