hey you supposed to studying now?!?

this video:

'Welcome to Indonesia Youtube'
which contains various artists from 'MY BOYS' BEAST until maliq d'essential, from my favorite dancing queen Miss A to UNGU 

and it's also gives a short appearance of Tiffany Alvord
which show her cover version of Gym Class Heroes Back Home

and I was instantly fall for it

check this out !

I don't know I just in love with her version, but I like the original version too xD

oh my god my final exam week just came, and I am in major problem, since I have no mood for study at all! even 'touch' my tasks... GOD !!!
event I've made this:

 original picture credits goes to tripod (kikwang, doojoon and junhyung's fan acc)


I feel like wanna skip these 2 weeks and jump to 6th July 2012!!!
they day when I am suppose to arrange my VISA for my summer school plan >v<

I don't it seems like something bothers me, and I HATE IT!
I hate it when an unecessary things popped in my mind, and stick like a glued paper
you know I am easily distracted
even my handsome Kikwang doesn't really help

I need some attention divertor (?)
it's just God please help me
please please
Let me focused on my exam weeks 

and one thing bothers me so much and made me wanna jump, is BEAST 2012's comeback on July,
seriously JULY !!!

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