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Saturday, October 10, 2009


my very first post in blogspot entry I used to have an account in wordpress, but I found it's no fun, and no simple.. so I decide to create this blog here... hope it's fine and fun...

nobody care 'bout this..

but why I naming this blog as "monday in sahara"

it came out when I was in senior high school, at my last year.
I'm kinda person who suddenly got something (which it doesn't synchronize with what happen at that time) in my mind..

I stated to my tablemate (someone which sit beside me in class)
I'm going to be a producer which create a contemporary, out of box concept band (LOL)
with a 'cute' name, which is monday in sahara, I imagine the music would be like kings of convenience, you know?
sumthin' would make you feel sleepy..

then I make another band, "Papa loves Cigarettes" and "Agatha's Philosophy"
but I don't really remember the concept, I hope I find the paper that I made about the band stuff...
it's so fun to remember school year.minus the sad time

maybe this blog gonna be a SUPEROrdinary, just like other people did, but since I am an out of ordinary person (I think)
it would be great!!