well it's here B2ST's 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best) MV

Oh mai God!

it was 6 p.m and I am checking my timeline

'B2ST - 니가 제일 좋아 (I like you the best)' music video had released in HD!
after waiting for about 8 months! What a!

actually I've saw this video before, it was a fancam from 2011 Comeback to B2ST Airline xD...
saw the MV in low quality, and it was fancam wasn't bad, since I've got their charms already

and the HD music video is like SUPER DAEBAK!
here it is :

credit to :

aaaah~ it was so sad when my hubby Lee KiKwang got bullied, I know it's just an acting -____-. but still TT^TT... and also the NG's lol, I was laughing hard, they looks dorky and lovelyyyy~~~

whatever if you call me drama queen and exaggerate: BUT I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I'M GOING TO CRY KNOWING THIS MV HAD RELEASED ♥♥♥ this is my numero uno favorite song from BEAST~

and unfortunately *eh* after found this MV released on youtube, I can't stop browsing their miscellaneous video, and I spend 3hours browsing and downloading when I had other stuff to do -__-  -->  xD, but I'll share to yaaa!!!

the most interesting was :

all about my sexy namja Son Dongwoon. YAY!  here:

credit to : @youtube

I don't even know, I saw Dongwoon as a flawless guy but I guess I am wrong, and I guess I know the reason why he is not active in variety show, lol. but that's great, he had his own charm, with that uniquely handsome face xD

and the highlight was: 

credit to : @youtube

lol hard! he even scream, cuteeeee~~~ ♥ly raaawwrrr

oh ya it's late actually but since I am a 2010 era B2UTY, I mean I wasn't a B2UTY right after they debuted, I found this interesting:

credit to : @youtube

I don't even know that there was a TV performance for this, L.O.V.E this! heart heart heart...

the poin is I am so happy with those video, feels like I am comeback to myself, after break from all KPOP world, especially B2ST :D after a lo~~~ong time.
but what makes me 'galau' *sorry I can find any word match with this world which express the best my feeling in English... or let saaay 'worry' lah* is...

currently I am waiting for someone that make me sing 니가 제일 좋아 to him and mean it from the bottom of my heart, who that guy could be ya? I wonder, miss him even I don't know who is he?
GOD! 제발 answer my prayer~

btw I had a good feeling about Jogja I don't why I really really want to go there, the same feeling like when I was want to go to Medan so baaad, and U-KISS was going there *btw I haven't told ya, that I was came to Medan, to meet U-KISS in person, ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD LOOKING!!!*

oh yeah other thing made me 'galau' *worry* was my blog visitor counter got reset, into 0 again TT^TT when I already reach 3500 ~ aaaaargh, maybe there will be a wisdom about it


♥Ly day with Hamid, Zaenab, Laras and Ntonk xD

wow! today *woops* I mean yesterday, was a very lovely day...

hmmm... yeah I had some factors:

1. Met my old friend, I mean a close friend from junior high school day, which, she stay in Jakarta now :D

lol my face looks stiff, since we was waiting the person 'mbak-mbak' to take our pic too long

this one even weirder, NOT FOCUS, our expression I mean

ANYWAY! thanks 'mbak-mbak'

2. Watch a gorgeous movie : DI BAWAH LINDUNGAN KA'BAH, first of all here are the teasers

credit:  @youtube

credit: @youtube

okay, maybe some people think this movie is so no~t moreover for nowaday kid, but I never think that way! I was so happy about this movie release, since it is adapted from a old roman written by HAMKA

well it has a history behind, when I was in Junior High School, my Indonesian teacher, always introduce us to an old roman, WICH I THINK it's wa~~aaay more romantic than nowaday novel :D. He was telling us a story from a novel, after the lesson ended.

compared to other romance movie adapted from novel that drives people crazy, let say twilight, etc. Twilight was nothing, hhe sorry it is my subjective opinion.

well, the teaser will tell :D

3. Well after that family time, it's been so long we didn't hang together full team :D


what do you think of my

well, actually my mom said my skirt was like piece from an old curtain lol, and people had some weird stare at me, but it's kinda vintage and also boho for me :D, I can't help falling in love with it!
I'm looking forward to working on this skirt more, maybe with a denim vest and boots:3

ah! actually that was a word wonder woman printed on my tee, kinda cool xD

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P.S : buat temen-temen blogger thank you for visiting, but I'll make a visit back soon, rebutan koneksi nih ceritanya, I appreciate it really :* THANK YOU!!!


guess where?!?

don't you know that I were travelling around the world spending my holiday.
LOL, just guess where was I?

1. enjoying sunset in Bali 

2. pray in a mosque in Morroco

3. view from a resort in Puerto Rico

4. adoring eiffel's light in Paris

5. museum in NYC

6. exploring inside of pyramid in Egypt

ehhmmm... Egypt was the ending of my trip, hhahha,
it is a dream of mine to travel around the world
I wish I meet someone who will give me some sponsorship soon hha...

oh yeah, can you guess where am I actually, 
you better keep scrolling down to find the answer...

and it was part of my trip...

isn't it cuuuttteee?!?~~~
(want to experience the same? come visit Batu Secret Zoo, in Batu-Malang, East Java)

aquarium as natural photo frame
♥♥♥!!! the only pic took in full team

oh yeah!
number 1-2 Tuban actually, LOL (I swear Tuban was a fun city, there were so many good holiday spot *or I can say taking photo spot*)
number 3 it was ... Tanjung Kodok resort...in Lamongan :D
number 4-6 everybody knows it was in Batu-Malang, cooo~~~ol rite?!?